Thursday, February 21, 2008

Home Business – Everything Is Important

Everything is important in a home based business. This sounds so simple, yet most home businesses fail to address this key fact. Large successful corporations know they must excel in all areas to beat the competition. These areas include product innovation, marketing, sales, manufacturing, distribution, finance, and IT. Corporations spend lots of money to hire the best people and develop programs and goals to excel in all functional areas. Home based businesses must also strive to excel in all applicable areas. Most of have one or two strengths that got us into our business, and we normally gravitate to those areas everyday. We excel in our home based business in our proficiencies, while the other areas are only average at best. While this may sound OK, mediocrity in any area will cause long term problems and sometimes business failure.

There is good news and bad news in my belief that home based businesses must excel in all areas. The bad news is most of us have limited resources. To paraphrase Ron White the comedian, I am only one man and I can only do so much. It appears overwhelming to tackle all areas, and we certainly do not have the financial resources to outsource many arms to consultants. Yet we must find innovative ways to shore up the average or below average arms.

The good news is almost all home based businesses (normally our competitors) are in the same boat. If most of your competitors are major corporations, then you have probably chosen the wrong market niche. Since all small home businesses are faced with the same time and talent problem in facing all the arms of success, then greater success will go to those who find creative and cost effective solutions. Success can be achieved in your home business, but you must strive for perfection in all areas.

Allen Farrish
Tie Dyed Shop

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Heart on Pastel Tie Dye T-Shirt

The Tie Dyed Shop proudly introduces their latest heart t-shirt design. A pink heart is surrounded by a rainbow of pastel colors. This item was requested by many customers as a complement to the very popular and bright rainbow heart shirt. This shirt is currently available in adult sizes small to 3X and can ordered at Tie-Dye Shirts IV. We are encourged that our customer base realizes that we are accessible and hear their suggestions.

Allen Farrish

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Green Shamrock Tie Dye T-Shirt

Our home business, The Tie Dyed Shop, introduced in February 2008 a green shamrock shirt perfect for St Patrick's Day. The variety of green colors and the outlined green shamrock looks terrific. To complete the design we used our normal 100% cotton heavy weight tee. What a party shirt or hostess shirt for Irish restaurants and pubs. This product can be seen and purchased at Green Shamrock Tie Dye T-Shirt. Additional unique designs product can be viewed at Unique Designs II.

Allen Farrish

Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts

The Tie Dyed Shop recently introduced a new pink crinkle t-shirt which includes the breast cancer awareness ribbon dyed on the front. So far the response has been very promising from our customer base. I am really happy with how pretty the shirt turned out, and the shirt can be seen at TD222 Breast Cancer Awareness Shirts. As this is primarily a female shirt, we also elected to offer in ladies cut versions also. A great message shirt suitable for individuals, doctor offices, and groups.
Allen Farrish