Saturday, September 26, 2015

Tie Dye Fall Days

Fall is finally here.  The season when the leaves fall.  When baseball ends and football begins.  The time sandwiched between the dreadful heat in the South and the piles of snow in the North.  This is a beautiful time when the ducks and other fowl migrate.  This would be a rather dull post except to note that Australia has 6 seasons.  Yes the land down under has divided the year into 6 unequal periods.  While there are numerous articles on this situation, many including this one can be read at Wikipedia.  What is even stranger is all the names the various seasons go under.  From English names like "pre-winter" to Indigenous name, I am not 100% clear on this one.  I actually believe that the season timing and names depends upon your location in this vast continent.  If you know more upon this subject, please comment back.

It is fall and time for fall clothes.  Nothing like a new high quality tie dye hoodie or sweatshirt to start the season.  See our collection at tie dye hoodies

Allen Farrish
Tie Dyed Shop

Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fabulous day in Rexburg ID.  The weather was great and the techie business meetings were awesome.  We ate at the restaurant shown to the left.   Chef Shane's is the name, and I highly recommend it.  From beef to fish to the deserts, the food was wonderful.  The restaurant was a bit hard to find, but the find was worth it.  I give this restaurant a loud shout out.

I would not call this area the hot spot for tie dye, so I probably will not make too many sales this week.  Everyone seemed interested in the tie dye business, but then everyone is extremely polite in this part of America.  There is a lot of outdoor activities here as you would expect being so close to Yellowstone National Park.  While some might find this country a bit bland, I can find beauty in every area.

Allen Farrish
Tie Dyed Shop

Monday, September 21, 2015

Earth Rainbow Tie Dye Collared Shirt
So today was a bit weird.  Flew from Atlanta to Salt Lake City and then to Idaho Falls, ID.  Rented a car and drove to Rexburg, ID.  This is one of those trips that takes a day to get there and a day to get back.  So far I do not see much here, but I am pretty comfortable with that environment.  While I live in a suburb outside the "way too big" Atlanta, I still enjoy small towns.  Having grown up in a small farming community, I still like to see the fields as in this part of Idaho.  Everyone seems nice here, and the hotel is nice though strange.  This is one of those hotels trying to present a techie look in the rooms.  Very nice rooms, but then this is farm country.  I know there are tech firms here, so perhaps that is the draw.  Will be an interesting 5 days here.  I am close to Yellowstone, so perhaps a few hours there will help the week.

By the way, the tie dye collared shirt shown above is one of our newest creations.  We call this shirt "Earth Rainbow".  This is a collared shirt you can wear anywhere including to work on casual Friday's.
A short post for the day.  A wee bit tired and still trying to figure out a lot of stuff concerning Google Panda, rankings, and such, so I have a long night of reading ahead.

Allen Farrish

Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shame on Me

Ok.  I have been away for some time (like 2 years).  Shame on me for forgetting my way.  I got real busy with a lot of useless stuff, and I just quit writing.  I now remember that I enjoyed writing and hoping someone would actually read my thinking.  Sure some of my writing is self-serving for the Tie Dyed Shop, but then my business is a big part of my life.  I wake up every day thinking how to push my business forward.  I go to bed every night somewhere between elated and disappointed with how the business day went.  I know that sounds a bit capitalist for a guy selling tie dye, but then some of the flower people (like me) did become an entrepreneur.  I actually feel like a movie line in Paris where the point was made that my income is this big but my expenses are this BIG.  Hey with 6 kids in the rear view mirror and 2 more kids still at home, no wonder I became a business owner and starting selling tie dye.  Perhaps a rustic life in the mountains or Alaska would have been more relevant to my past, but then duty calls.  Now at the age of 61, I need to pay for the last 2 kids and figure how how to support myself and the wife going forward.

Ok.  Like the famous Allman Brothers song, I feel like rambling man.  Speaking of music, I have found that every situation can be tied to a song.  My fondess has always been rock, but I have found great comfort in all forms of music including the blues.  So many great rockers also produced great blues music.  While Eric Clapton could play the lights out in rock, he could sing the lights out in blues.

Perhaps you have favorite blues or rock musicians.  Please comment back as to your favorites.

Allen Farrish
Tie Dyed Shop