Sunday, December 27, 2009

Stained Glass Cotton Union Suit

The Tie Dyed Shop proudly sells a Stained Glass Spiral union suit. The tie dye garmet is made from 100% heavy weight cotton, and it features a classic spiral pattern on the front and back in the popular stained glass design. You can view and obtain more product information at TD318 Cotton Union Suit. You can also view all of our union suits at our Union Suits Section.

We take great pride in our high quality products, unique designs, extensive selection, superior customer service, and the hundreds of individuals that have purchased our unionsuits. We also take pride in the thousands of happy customers we can say use The Tie Dyed Shop for their tie dye purchases. Read our Tie Dye Customer Testimonials for actual product and service feedback. Call or email us as we love to hear from our customers.

Allen Farrish
Tie Dyed Shop

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