Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Fabulous day in Rexburg ID.  The weather was great and the techie business meetings were awesome.  We ate at the restaurant shown to the left.   Chef Shane's is the name, and I highly recommend it.  From beef to fish to the deserts, the food was wonderful.  The restaurant was a bit hard to find, but the find was worth it.  I give this restaurant a loud shout out.

I would not call this area the hot spot for tie dye, so I probably will not make too many sales this week.  Everyone seemed interested in the tie dye business, but then everyone is extremely polite in this part of America.  There is a lot of outdoor activities here as you would expect being so close to Yellowstone National Park.  While some might find this country a bit bland, I can find beauty in every area.

Allen Farrish
Tie Dyed Shop

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