Sunday, September 20, 2015

Shame on Me

Ok.  I have been away for some time (like 2 years).  Shame on me for forgetting my way.  I got real busy with a lot of useless stuff, and I just quit writing.  I now remember that I enjoyed writing and hoping someone would actually read my thinking.  Sure some of my writing is self-serving for the Tie Dyed Shop, but then my business is a big part of my life.  I wake up every day thinking how to push my business forward.  I go to bed every night somewhere between elated and disappointed with how the business day went.  I know that sounds a bit capitalist for a guy selling tie dye, but then some of the flower people (like me) did become an entrepreneur.  I actually feel like a movie line in Paris where the point was made that my income is this big but my expenses are this BIG.  Hey with 6 kids in the rear view mirror and 2 more kids still at home, no wonder I became a business owner and starting selling tie dye.  Perhaps a rustic life in the mountains or Alaska would have been more relevant to my past, but then duty calls.  Now at the age of 61, I need to pay for the last 2 kids and figure how how to support myself and the wife going forward.

Ok.  Like the famous Allman Brothers song, I feel like rambling man.  Speaking of music, I have found that every situation can be tied to a song.  My fondess has always been rock, but I have found great comfort in all forms of music including the blues.  So many great rockers also produced great blues music.  While Eric Clapton could play the lights out in rock, he could sing the lights out in blues.

Perhaps you have favorite blues or rock musicians.  Please comment back as to your favorites.

Allen Farrish
Tie Dyed Shop

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