Monday, September 21, 2015

Earth Rainbow Tie Dye Collared Shirt
So today was a bit weird.  Flew from Atlanta to Salt Lake City and then to Idaho Falls, ID.  Rented a car and drove to Rexburg, ID.  This is one of those trips that takes a day to get there and a day to get back.  So far I do not see much here, but I am pretty comfortable with that environment.  While I live in a suburb outside the "way too big" Atlanta, I still enjoy small towns.  Having grown up in a small farming community, I still like to see the fields as in this part of Idaho.  Everyone seems nice here, and the hotel is nice though strange.  This is one of those hotels trying to present a techie look in the rooms.  Very nice rooms, but then this is farm country.  I know there are tech firms here, so perhaps that is the draw.  Will be an interesting 5 days here.  I am close to Yellowstone, so perhaps a few hours there will help the week.

By the way, the tie dye collared shirt shown above is one of our newest creations.  We call this shirt "Earth Rainbow".  This is a collared shirt you can wear anywhere including to work on casual Friday's.
A short post for the day.  A wee bit tired and still trying to figure out a lot of stuff concerning Google Panda, rankings, and such, so I have a long night of reading ahead.

Allen Farrish

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